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Our Firm

We are devoted to solving the consulting needs and legal support of our customers by taking the problems and complexities they face as our own. We are a small firm that trusts the strength of its convictions and in the size of its arguments. We know the legal complexity of the situations and circumstances our customers have to face go beyond the economic relevance.

We make our best to be exceptional and rise to the highest standards. We enjoy our work and we are determined to do it remarkably, whatever our role is. We comply with the highest personal, ethic and professional standards, and we work with integrity at all times. We know our reputation and that of our firm is crucial to succeed and we have the duty to preserve it and make it grow in the long term.

We devote all our efforts and dedication to our customers to provide an excellent service in the exercise of the law. Our commitment is always to them and to their aims and objectives, trying to have a positive impact on their environment, based on our professional and business principles, values and ethics that scrupulously captures any conflict of interest. We serve our customers as a team, with a common focus on innovation, efficiency and agility.

  • Responsability

Over many years we have advised our customers in the execution of businesses in a very responsible way and we have represented them with conviction, business oriented and accuracy, and when necessary, during litigation and arbitration processes. We have taken the role that each of us, and certainly, our firm has in the building of a fairer society. 

We are proud of our progress, however, we will not stop there. Our role in the building of a fairer society is currently clearer than ever, which precisely develops through the practice of the law and its enforcement. We are committed to using our skills and experience in fulfilling that responsibility, and we know we are better when we work as a team.  

  • Leadership

We want our customers to trust in our firm, we want them to work with us above all other firms. We want to outstand for our commitment to invest in our customers and to boost our team. We make efforts on daily basis to reach a strong leadership together with our customers in order to achieve the right outcome, which is vital for our success. We welcome other people´s remarks on how we are and how we are doing. 

We make use of our knowledge, intellectual rigour and experience to help our customers to pass judgements, make decisions and reach their objectives. We are creative enough to find innovative solutions to difficult challenges and explain them in simple words. Our history does not date back long, but we are a modern business, open to new ways of working in order to provide our customers with an increasingly efficient and effective service. Our objective is to make a positive contribution to the people we work with.

  • Diversity

We value people and we treat them with respect, consideration and courtesy. We are a people oriented business. We see diversity as a strength and value new points of view, creative ideas and the connections that rise when uniting people from different backgrounds. We want to create a warm and supportive environment where everybody can grow. No matter how challenging a subject can be or the amount of work it may require, during our daily interaction we always try to keep in mind the basic human qualities we care for.

  • Iniciative and Innovation

The wide range nature of our work frequently leads us to create and find ways to do things and meet objectives through territories and areas which we have not always explored before. Innovation is an important part of the offer to our customers, which is based on a work of excellency and a great deal of caution. We know what we do. Explorers of old times and executives and entrepreneurs of today are, by definition, risk lovers. They look for new destinations and new businesses. We, as attorneys at law, are contrary to that risk, however our mission is to produce the maps to lead them forward. Our mission is to find out the perfect way to combine opportunity and safety and provide our customers with the elements and criteria to make the best decisions. We also believe in an open work environment where honest mistakes have a place and learning from them is part of being an innovative firm.

  • Background

Carlos Baeza and his team of attorneys at law have advised their customers for more than 20 years. At the beginning, along with Alfonso Canales, Carlos Baeza set up the firm “Canales & Baeza” (Alfonso is currently a partner at Uribe, Hubner and Canales), firm which in 2000 became “Baeza & Cia.” and continued as such for more than 15 years. In November 2014, Carlos Baeza and his team became part of the law firm Fermandois & Cia. 

January 2018 is the start of a new era, under the name of Carlos Baeza & Cia. Abogados. It is a conclusive stage, which involves depth and identity, higher leadership and clear objectives, plus the experience gained along all these years whose philosophy and seal is translated and outlined in these lines”